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1. How many times in a year can I get an Umrah visa?

As much as you want or able to

2. Can I get a visa without Booking Accommodation?

No, it is against the law in Saudi Arabia. Accommodation must be booked and paid through the agent.

3. What are the documents required for Umrah Visa?

Passport of the applicant should be valid for at least 6 months at the time of application for Umrah Visa.
Visa form should be filled with all the details.
2 color photo of the applicant with white background to be attached to the application form. Air tickets onward & return confirmed.
Women and children should be accompanied by husband/father or a male relative (Mahram). Vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis should be attached.

4. How do I travel between Makkah and Madinah?

We make all the arrangements of your travel when you book tour with us but for your information the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) offers an hourly service between Makkah and Madinah throughout the day by air conditioned coaches, or you can hire private. The coach stations are located near the Haram (behind Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental).
For security reasons we kindly request to carry passport or identity when travelling on your own.

5. Where can I change into Ihram?

From the agreed Meeqat However, passengers on airliners should be in Ihram before their flight and should perform the Salat and Niyyat for the Ihram, you must make Niyyat for your Ihram prior to boarding your flight even though the Meeqat may be hours after the impression. This is a defensive measure to overcome the chance of you being asleep when the Meeqat is crossed and no Niyyat having being made.

6. Zam Zam water - how to purchase?

Saudi will only let you take 5 litres zam zam per person and this has to be bought at airport,

7. Drinking Zam Zam Water while standing?

In a Hadith recorded by Imam Bukhari in his Sahih (Book of Hajj, Chapter, what has been mentioned about Zamzam, Hadith no. 1529), it is mentioned that the Prophet (PBUH) was offered Zam Zam water, and he drank it standing up. In accordance to this practice, we too stand when we drink Zam Zam water.

8. Rules regarding the haircut during Hajj / Umrah?

Men have two options when they complete the Hajj or Umrah; either they can shave the head (which is called Halq) or they can trim the hair (which is called Qasr). The Prophet prayed for those who shave their head and those who trim it, so both are permissible (Sunan Tirmidhi, Book of Hajj, Hadith no. 837).